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10 tips for Reykjavík in bad weather

As you may have read in my post “Iceland’s weather”, there are quite a few rainy days in Reykjavík. In 2018, it was actually 261 days. I often asked myself what to do in Reykjavík during bad weather.
But beware! In a storm, you are best off in your accommodation. Do not underestimate the Icelandic winds! Always check in case of bad weather.

One thing in advance, no matter where you are in Iceland. Check to see if there is a museum near you, as Iceland has over 95 museums. And especially when the weather is bad, it’s great to support the Icelandic economy while learning a fraction about the country.

In any case, I have picked out 10 tips that I can experience in bad weather in Reykjavík. Some of them are definitely something for kids too, but there will be an extra post about that.

View from Perlan
  1. Pools
    If you want to get closer to the Icelandic culture, you should have been in the pool once, Reykjavík has exactly 7 pools that you can visit even in bad weather. The water is heated up to 45 degrees, a great feeling to sit outside in the warm water in bad weather.
    Good to know: In Iceland, you certainly shower off completely naked and also soap up in all places.
  2. Perlan
    I can also highly recommend the Perlan. I have been to the museum 2x so far. 3x upstairs in the cafe.
    The museum itself is about the nature of Iceland, volcanoes, glaciers and northern lights.
    From the Café you have a wonderful view over the whole city, if then the weather is better. 😀 Just wait a little moment, order a coffee and enjoy the view.
  3. Kolaportið
    Kolaportið is open only on weekends, from 11-17h. It’s an indoor flea market where you can find just about anything. Second-hand goods, lopapeysa, antiques and jewelry. If you want something to take home, a memory or a gift, you will definitely find it there.
    The flea market is located right at Reykjavík’s harbor, if the weather is better afterwards, you can stroll through Laugavegur again or just past Harpa and along the water.
  4. Þjóðminjasafnsins
    I can highly recommend the Þjóðminjasafnsins Museum. Really. It is the national museum of Iceland, distributed on 3 floors. Very informative and also great for kids. I was thrilled, everything is represented from the early days to today.
    If you’ve been there, check out Reykjavík’s other museums.
  5. Ice skating
    You guys want to maybe do a little ice skating? Then Skautaholl is the right place for you. You can see the opening hours here and the entrance fees here.
  6. Fly Over Iceland
    Fly Over Iceland has been around for about 1 year now. Some may know this from a trip to Canada? Meanwhile, the show about Canada can also be admired in Reykjvík. I have already been inside the Island Show 2x. The entrance fee is not cheap at 4,490isk (27€), but it is worth it. On my first flight, tears welled up in my eyes because I just couldn’t believe how beautiful this country is.
  7. Kringlan or Smáralind
    Fancy a little trip to a shopping mall? Reykjavík even has two of them. Once Kringlan and Smáralind. Just stroll through the stores, marvel at the prices and grab a coffee. What more could you want?
  8. Bowling or mini golf
    There is also a choice of bowling or mini golf. The mini golf hall is quite new, so I can not share with you any experience yet. Unfortunately, I can’t say too much about bowling yet either. But I have heard only good things from friends. 🙂
    And actually, it’s perfect for a rainy day, isn’t it?
  9. Bars
    Last but not least, we come to the nightlife. Reykjavík’s nightlife has a lot to offer, bars with diverse entertainment program. You can quickly move from one bar to the next and enjoy the flair even in bad weather. I really enjoy being out in Reykjavík. Don’t be alarmed by the drunken Icelanders, they don’t drink and enjoy. There it is called whole or not at all. 😀

Do you have any other indoor tips for the capital of Iceland? Feel free to post them below in the comments.

In the “glacier” in the Perlan.

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