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Book review: A short history of almost everything

The book “A brief history of almost everything” by Bill Bryson deals with important questions and topics, such as the Earth or how it was with the Big Bang.
The book explains on a factual and understandable level how a new time is created and how the universe is actually not. It imparts knowledge in a way that is fun to learn.

This book quietly to the questions of small explorers, scientists and astronauts. It gives children a basic knowledge. The illustrations are lovingly designed and are a great aid to the written text.

My son finds the book insanely exciting and reads a few pages every day and then explains to me what knowledge he has acquired.
I think it’s nice when children try to understand the world.
We are big fans of all the books of this type.
This book is recommended for ages 10 and up, for me it is also very informative and therefore there is a clear buy recommendation.

Number of pages: 170
Price: 22,00€