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Book Review: Minna Melone – Wondrous Tales from the Wahrlich Forest

The book “Minna Melone – Wundersame Geschichten aus dem Wahrlichwald” by Sven Gerhardt is about Minna Melone, a Norway rat, who gets the forest inhabitants pretty confused with her stories.
Because the animals in the Wahrlich forest have a simple and good life. They collect food, clean the apartment and repair their garden fences.

This book is beautifully written and equally illustrated. It is simply written.
It is divided into 12 chapters, so you can read one chapter every night. And the most beautiful thing that you can trace the route of Minna on a world map with your fingers.
Our favorite chapter is “The Ice Hotel” in Greenland, as it absolutely fits us with our love of Iceland.

The book stimulates the imagination and is fun to read aloud.
Maybe a nice gift idea from the Easter Bunny?

Number of pages: 128
Price: 14,00€