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Iceland with children

By now, I must say, I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to traveling to Iceland with kids.
The big one has been to the island 5 times.
The little one was already 8x with me up there.

And often I read in Facebook groups whether you can travel to Iceland with children. Of course you can. Children love Iceland. And Iceland loves children.
But you have to realize that it will be a different vacation.
When we were in Iceland for the first time, we deliberately just took a vacation home and did the excursions from there.
We also had a day where we spent the whole day ONLY in the cottage and enjoyed our time there.

Reykjavík with child.

Now when I’m in Iceland with my kids, they have absolutely no desire to sit in the car for so long. We then always try to schedule only 1,2 long car trips and save enough audio plays or movies on the tablet.

However, if you are planning a round trip around the island, make sure that you don’t have too long trips between the accommodations, because they can really drag on, even for adults, especially if you have a tight schedule.

At home we watch quite a few documentaries about Iceland, often the same ones over and over again and this results in wishes where they would like to go themselves.
Waterfalls, for example, always go down well and Iceland has over 200 of them. The little one loves for example Strokkur, the geyser that spits water into the air every 5min, totally and would love to go there every time we are there.

If you already have older children, you can also put cameras in their hands and let them take pictures, often wonderful or totally funny pictures come out. 😀
This also keeps them busy and they don’t even realize how long they have actually been on the road. 😉

Otherwise, there are also activities that are suitable for children:
– Riding
– Boating
– Quad tours
– Local pools

Kids don’t need that much to be happy, my boys would much rather go to the ocean and throw rocks in the water. They could do that for hours, isn’t that fascinating?
One morning we like to do that too, then we put on rubber boots and head off to a beach to spend some time there.

I can recommend you my already written article “10 tips for Reykjavík in bad weather”, also there you can find some tips, especially for the capital area, that you can do with children.
In the fall, when I have seen that the chances for auroras are very good, we have watched Bear Brothers every time and then in the evening we have looked for the northern lights.
The Disney film is about the culture of the Inuits in Alaska. In the film, the ancestors are seen dancing in the sky in the form of northern lights.
Perfect entry point to see the light show for yourself in the evening.

Just be relaxed and don’t be disappointed if you don’t work through your to-do list.
With children you see Iceland from a completely different side. Take breaks when your kids need breaks, you will stop at places you don’t have on your radar. Involve the children through reports and let them have a say.

Do you have any other tips?

Kind regards,