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Penguins like to cuddle, … Book

The book “Penguins like to cuddle, squirrels have baby teeth and camel kids don’t have humps” is by Maja Säftström and has 112 pages.

This book for children is about the knowledge of animal children. From stingrays and penguins to elephants and hippos to bison and squirrels.
The book provides small knowledge about the baby animals that live on our planet.

For example, that the bison’s fur turns brown at 1 month of age or that a baby koala must eat its mother’s feces before it can eat eucalyptus leaves.

I find the facts and the knowledge that is conveyed super exciting. I also did not know a lot of things. The entire book is in black and white, which I think is a bit of a shame because kids love colors. And when talking about the bison’s coat, you see a black coat and not a brown one.
However, the drawings themselves are super cute and great painted.

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