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Wonders of nature to pause and wonder

In a recent post I told you about our new favorite book, the book was actually our favorite book.
Until this one came.
Wonders of Nature to Pause and Marvel at” by Rachel Williams with illustrations by Freya Hartas, published by Prestel.

We love this book. Really. I have to say that my favorite book in kindergarten, was this little thick nature guide.
And now this book is here, since we got it in our living room and we look several times a day to get to know our nature and to admire it later outside. It contains 50 short stories.
You know that the birds are singing outside, that a wave is breaking, that the moon is waxing and waning, and that mushrooms are growing in the forest. But why? And how exactly?
That’s what you’ll learn in this book. Things for which one has lost the sense, make it present again with this book. Since we read a few pages every day, we look at our walks in nature with different eyes, even the way to kindergarten is enough to get to know his surroundings in a new way.

I simply have to quote this text from Randomhousebecause it simply applies to us. “Our world is full of beautiful wonders, we just need to take time sometimes, pause and mindfully observe what is happening around us. And those who know about these wonders will protect them instead of carelessly destroying them.”

And that’s what I want to teach my children. Our nature is so precious, it should be appreciated.
I can really recommend this book to all of you out there with kids!
Another plus point is the climate-neutral production.

Buy it. Go. You will not regret it. Promise!

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